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“Originally Renaissance was created in celebration of Quentin’s daughter birth. It evokes a mixture of both ecstatic, joyful feeling but it is also tinted with doubts about all the unknown attached to such an event. We then add some world influenced sounds to keep a touch that we like to have in our production and to give a sense of space and feeling of reverie and voyage.

We like to let the listener making his own interpretation of the song. We don’t like things to stay rigid, and love the idea of a kind of happy nostalgia. Renaissance was created at sensibly the same time as our track Kyoto and Rwanda so it shares a similar energy, or at least we wanted to link these three songs together in some way.



Release Schedule: Jan 13th, 2023
Genres: Electronic

With their brand distinct brand of melodic house, French duo Angara portrays a landscape where seemingly opposed emotions are woven together. Their latest creation “Renaissance” beautifully epitomizes this sentiment as they lure us into a deeply comforting listening experience.

In a few years, Angara has ascended to become one of the rising stars of melodic house in France. The duo has not only appeared on ‘Viral 50 – France’, but has also received support from industry titans such as Lane 8, Above & Beyond, and Sultan + Shepard for their nostalgic sound. A year ago, the duo decided to dive into a more danceable aesthetic with their music and released Rwanda and Prove respectively on Monstercat Silk and Enhanced Music Colorize. Even though this is the style that put Angara on the map, with “Renaissance” Angara leans into an introspective mood while simultaneously carrying that dance-friendly style they’re known for. The track was created in celebration of their member becoming a father, making it no surprise that “Renaissance” is imbued with emotions that range from pensive to joyous.

Angara possesses a knack for creating journey-like experiences through bright soundscapes and organic textures, and this is exactly what we’re excited to on this release with Stereofox.



Angara portrays a landscape where seemingly opposed emotions are woven together. Combining sensitive and soothing melodies with engaging rhythms and atmospheres, their music conveys the feeling of getting carried away in the world of the listener’s own imagination.

  • More than 10M streams on music platforms.
  • Top Viral 50: France and Mellow House Spotify editorial support
  •  Added to Apple Music editorials like High Vibes Yoga, New Music Daily and Pure Yoga
  • Chill Relax Deezer official playlist placement
  • Lane 8 – 2022 Winter Mixtape with "Prove"
  • Featured on ABGT 444 & 445 (Above & Beyond Group Therapy) with "Kyoto"
  • Sirius XM Chill and NME Radio Roundup support

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