I really loved making this Tripping EP. To be honest, maybe the most fun to make of all Alexander IV projects so far. It came together very natural. You can hear my love for old school triphop artists such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, combined with a modern approach. I was happy to be able work with friends on the EP, like the vocalists Leonard Luka and Puck Cézanne and sampled one of my friends’ double bass. So it kind of turned into a nice family affair. Hope you all like it!

Alexander IV


Release Schedule: Feb 29th - Gravity
Mar 29th - High 'n Dry
Apr 26th - Astoria
May 23rd - Tripping EP
Genres: Beats

Welcoming back Alexander IV to Stereofox Records for another warm & feel-good project after the incredible support of Signs EP

The instrumental hip-hop moniker of Dutch electronic producer Feiertag returns with Tripping EP, a collection of 6 songs fusing soul, jazz, beats, trip-hop, and even bossa-nova.

Inspired by the old-school approach of boom-bap & trip-hop production, but with a modern touch, the songs drip with samples, head-nodding rhythms & sunny vibes. The upfront singles “Gravity”, “High ‘n Dry”, and “Astoria” showcase the variety of the project which also maintains wonderful cohesivity throughout. You’ll embark on a journey to faraway places with a lot of sun, palms, salty air, and smiles all around you.


Alexander IV

Alexander IV is the instrumental hip-hop moniker of established electronic producer Feiertag. Recording and performing since 2015, his sound can be described as electronic yet warm, and with a preference for innovative syncopated rhythms combined with fragments of instruments such as the harp and kalimba.

  • Joris Feiertag is the live drummer of Kraak & Smaak
  • Supported on Apple's BEATstrumentals, The Lounge, Study Beats, Sunkissed, Crate Junkie & more
  • Editorials on Spotify like lofi beats, Chillhop, Poolside Grooves, Gold Instrumental Beats & more
  • Airplay on BBC Radio 6, KCRW, Sublime NL, beachfm Japan, etc.
  • Featured on Deezer's Focus & lofi umami editorials
  • Support on TIDAL's Mix da Samana, Office Rotation, Redaktionsfavoriten & more
  • Supported in numerous independent playlists, including ZARA Home, H&M, Digster, MrSuicideSheep, etc.
  • Collaborations with Pip Millett, Noah Slee, Falle Nioki, and James Alexander Bright (as Feiertag)

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