Reeta Loi Leaving Stage Credit Anpu London
Genres: R&B / Soul

Reeta Loi is a powerful storyteller with a universal message. A singer, producer and spoken word artist with a reputation for disrupting the status quo. Whether as the Forbes100 Founder CEO of global movement Gaysians, or fighting for legislation change in India, or uncovering and shutting down a gay marriage scam in her VICE documentary, shifting the media landscape at Gay Times and taking the stage at TEDxLondon and festival stages around the world including Mumbai Pride. Reeta is clearly on a mission to be the remedy the world needs and her work inspires us to do the same.

Reeta has been singing, writing, and performing since childhood. She was a spoken word artist and jazz singer in Brixton’s thriving scene in the early 2000s. She then went on to tour Internationally and has been released alongside Sia, Mark Ronson, Matthew Herbert and Cinematic Orchestra. She has been DJing for many years and a producer for seven years. Her 2018 EP release ‘Ek’ was released to critical acclaim and her work is known to transcend gender boundaries and explores identity through sound, especially the voice as a British Indian artist.

Reeta’s album is due for release in 2022 and combines the force of her storytelling, singing and production talent to bring us something truly unique and transformative.


  • Over 2 million views of the VICE documentary
  • Forbes’ “100 Women Founders In Europe To Follow” (CEO of
  • TEDx London Curator, Speaker and Performer
  • Gay Times cover star and Contributing Editor changing the media landscape
  • Face of global H&M Pride Campaign 22 and Body Shop global campaign Winter 21/22
  • Previously featured in Clash, GQ, gal-dem and playlisted by BBC
  • Works with Burberry, Dr Marten’s and other leading brands
  • “Remedy” was played at the Dr Marten’s ‘Music, Pride & Protest’ panel that Reeta spoke at this Pride month
  • Has been Sponsored by Converse for release and tour
  • Released on BBE’s “Exit Music: Songs for Radioheads” alongside Meshell Ndegeocello, Sia, Cinematic Orchestra, Matthew Herbert and Mark Ronson
  • Currently on Channel 4’s “Where have all the lesbians gone”



Reeta Loi

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