Genres: R&B / Soul

Android Ethics’ story is anything, but linear.

Faith is the only plausible way to explain the reason you’re experiencing the art of these 5 talented musicians.

The pivotal moment that brought them together was a memorable journey in 2015 that brought LA-based singer/composer Tien Nguyen (AKA SAiGO) to Bulgaria back in 2015. Born in the mid-1980s in the US to a Vietnamese family, at the time Tien was working with Georgi Linev on Kan Wakan, and through live shows he crossed paths with Bojidar Vasilev (TromBobby), Petar Yotov (Peyotoff), Evden Dimitrov (EVDN.) and Rado Kazasov (RADO) who eventually became some of the most creative and forward-thinking artists in the local alternative/beat/r&b scene.

The four instrumentalists crossed paths through different life stages – from high school to studying abroad, performing live, and refining their seamless synchronization on stage over years of playing with each other or other musicians both locally and across Europe.

Since then each has gone on making great things. Splitting his time between the USA and Brazil, SAiGO created Lavender Beat Collective where he records remotely with musicians from around the world.

TromBobby released his highly acclaimed PAUSE VOL. 1 and 2 with artists like Jermaine Holmes, Brianna Castro, Kazuki Isogai, and Frank Nitt. Copies of the record are sold across record stores around the globe and earned him a spot on Spotify’s Orbit editorial and Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals.

Peyotoff’s debut on Stereofox Living Jewel garnered more than 1.5M streams and led him to working with legendary r&b vocalist emawk on their 2024 track “Jay Bird”, supported on Spotify’s Vanguard, Next Wave Soul, Vanguard, and Lowkey.

EVDN.’s unique blend of electronic music and jazz is a showcase of why artists shouldn’t be afraid to push genre boundaries and earned him a spot at the forefront of Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Jazz in 2022.

Drummer RADO is easily one of the most wanted session and live musicians in Bulgaria right now and his groovy, house-inspired beats have racked more than a quarter of million streams across streaming platforms.

2024, however, is the year when Android Ethics’ music is


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Leena | Labyrinth of the Subconscious (12″ Vinyl)


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