Kilamanzego soaks up influences from all over considering that she has Ghanaian roots and has lived in different parts of the world. She has even been praised by Bandcamp Daily for continuously blurring the lines of genre, to the point where she has forged her own lane and is seen as an inspiration to young female producers.

I’ve been creating music since I was 8 years old, when my dad put a violin in my hands. I play guitar, bass guitar, trombone, keys, drums – any instrument you can think of, and I was in bands ranging from hardcore punk and ska to jazz and death metal. Right now, I consider myself to be on the experimental/alternative side of electronic. My recent features include being the front-page story on Bandcamp, in Spotify’s editorial Creamy, SheKnowsTech summit workshop presenter and 2nd place two-hour beat contest winner, Andrew Huang’s 4 Producer 1 Sample, and more.

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