“The concept of this project is a fusion of city and nature – I live in a small town and Kazuki lives in Tokyo. We like the new style of the times, like working in the city on weekdays and spending holidays in a place rich in nature.

This was a challenging project, we wanted to intertwine traditional beats with new & unexpected elements.”

yuhei miura

yuhei miura x Kazuki Isogai – Nature City EP

Release Date : October 1, 2021
Artists : Kazuki Isogai, yuhei miura

Somewhere between city and nature lies the perfect balance.

For yuhei miura and Kazuki Isogai, this concept finds home in their latest Nature City EP, where the playful jazzy sounds from the busy urban world meet the dreamy vibe of Japanese nature.

The journey from the calm greenery towards the rich city world starts with “Bliss” – a soothing guitar & strings-driven lofi gem. Continuing the aesthetics from their highly acclaimed “Hope” & “Kasumi”, the second track, and the single from the EP, ”Flora” features Kazuki’s renowned touching guitars and yuhei’s uniquely soothing drum groove with gentle brass and keys. “Getaway” and “Nearby” blend jazzy keys & guitars with trap beats, heading towards the more upbeat & urban part of the project.

The EP holds a surprise, the final track “Uptown” is taking an unexpected turn – their first lofi house/disco song with vocal samples but still carrying the signature guitar licks and the unique approach towards production.

Japanese producer yuhei miura & renowned Tokyo guitarist Kazuki Isogai have proven their flawless workflow together, and this is their 4th collaborative project on Stereofox Records.

– previously featured on Spotify’s lofi beats, Roadtrip To Tokyo, Tokyo LosT Tracks, Soul Music Japan & more
– “Hope” currently at 2.4M on Spotify
– supported by curators like Filtr, Chillhop Records, Retro Jungle, College Music, Hip Dozer, Etymology Records, nourish.