“I brought images of my surroundings out in Better Days. Each song is about a feeling or an image, which comes to life through the music that Kazuki and I made. I hope you enjoy it.”

yuhei miura

yuhei miura x Kazuki Isogai – Better Days EP

Release Date : January 19, 2021
Artists : Kazuki Isogai, yuhei miura

With the uncertainty and lessons learned from the monumental year 2020, we can move forth steadily toward better days.

The second collaborative project within a year between renowned Japanese guitarist Kazuki Isogai and upcoming producer yuhei miura brings a refreshing anthem for new beginnings. This early-2021 6-track EP called Better Days paves the road with lush guitar strumming, picturesque chords, and satisfying chillhop drums.

While yuhei miura’s previous project with Koza (Time Travel EP) helped us find relief in the old days, Better Days EP is looking into the brighter future.

Regardless of how the past has treated us, we can always count on a comeback; a moment of longing and warmth. Tracks like “Sunny Morning” and “Hope” slide listeners right into that uplifting vibe perfect for setting the day’s done. We explore various moods and soundscapes in Better Days EP – from the soothing late-night sax in “Golden” through catching those rich jazz vibes in “Solstice”, to bossa-nova summer memories in “Daydreaming”.

See what’s in store through this six-track passage to better days.