Nature carries both calmness & melancholy, it is ultimately the best place to heal yourself. This is the story we wanted to tell with this EP. It is also named after one of our favorite places in Japan, the Chichibu town & its park.

yuhei miura & Osamu Fukuzawa


Release Schedule: June 4th - Chichibu Serenity
June 25th - You Are My Dream
July 16th - Whispers of Chichibu EP
Genres: Jazz, Lofi

Stereofox Records is delighted to welcome another Japanese collaboration, the debut joint work of 2 artists we’ve released before.

yuhei miura, often called one of Japan’s most exciting producers since Nujabes (worked with Kazuki Isogai & Refeeld), teamed up with the contemporary jazz legend, composer & keyboardist Osamu Fukuzawa (collaborated with re:plus) for a majestic 7-song project.

Whispers of Chichibu EP is inspired by the beauty & healing capabilities of nature, with a hint of melancholy. Named after the Chichibu National Park, the EP aims to make you feel like you’re surrounded by greenery, while also evoking introspection.

You’ll find yourself lost in the park’s paths, the songs’ jazzy keys, spacey synths, and dusty production. With both calm (Chichibu Serenity, Wandering Breeze) & playful (You Are My Dream, Lost on Purpose) songs, the project is a great soundtrack for relaxing & contemplation, with a much-needed hopefulness in between.


yuhei miura

yuhei miura is one of Japan’s most exciting producers, already pretty established in the lofi/chillhop scene. He’s received support in numerous editorials like Spotify’s lofi beats, Road Trip To Tokyo, Shimmer, etc. & Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, Lofi Japan & more.

  • A number of live beat events in Tokyo
  • Featured on 10+ Spotify editorials including lofi beats, Road Trip to Tokyo, Smooth Jazz Beats and Shimmer
  • Featured on Apple Music's BEATstrumeantals and Lofi Japan
  • Featured on Deezer's Lofi Japan selection
  • Radio support on BBC Radio 6 (Focus Beats show) and SBS Australia Top 100 Chill Tracks of 2021

Osamu Fukuzawa

Osamu Fukuzawa is a composer and keyboardist from Fukuoka, Japan, influenced by hip hop, jazz & much more – drawing inspiration from the likes of Nujabes & re:plus. Aside from self-releasing, he works for both indies and major artists in Japan – a song he produced and co-wrote in 2021 reached #1 on the Spotify viral chart in Japan.

  • Produced and co-wrote a song in 2021 that reached #1 on the Spotify viral chart in Japan
  • Featured on Apple's Lo-Fi Japan, Lo-Fi Jazz, Jazz Scene: Japan, among others
  • Added to Spotify's Road Trip To Tokyo, Midnight Chill, New Music Wednesday & more
  • Supported on Deezer's lofi coffee, chill lofi, etc.
  • Highly-engaged Amazon Music audience
  • Collaboration with re:plus (reached #1 in iTunes Japan)

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