Night Sky EP - Stereofox Label

“I wanted to create a project that reminds you of the stars. I love looking at the night sky from my home or when I’m in nature, there is something magical, very beautiful & really calming in them.”

yuhei miura


Release Schedule: [Feb 1st] "Starry Skies" / "Reverie"
[Feb 22th] "Milky Way" w/ Kazuki Isogai
[Mar 14th] Night Sky EP
Genres: Lofi, Jazz

After a streak of successful projects on Stereofox (including the 5M+ “Hope”), yuhei miura – often called one of the most exciting Japanese producers since Nujabes, returns for his 9th release on the Berlin label.

Night Sky is his first solo EP on Stereofox – where he usually collaborates with the renowned Tokyo guitarist Kazuki Isogai (210k on YouTube), producer Refeeld, or keyboardist Koza. The new 6-song project is inspired by the beauty & calmness of the nocturnal ether – lullaby-esque melodies, gentle jazzy keys & guitars, and soft beatwork.

With 3 upfront singles – the double one “Starry Skies” / “Reverie”
& “Milky Way” (w/ Kazuki Isogai), Night Sky EP will put you in a dream state.


yuhei miura

yuhei miura is one of Japan’s most exciting producers, already pretty established in the lofi/chillhop scene. He’s received support in numerous editorials like Spotify’s lofi beats, Road Trip To Tokyo, Shimmer, etc. & Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, Lofi Japan & more.

  • A number of live beat events in Tokyo
  • Featured on 10+ Spotify editorials including lofi beats, Road Trip to Tokyo, Smooth Jazz Beats and Shimmer
  • Featured on Apple Music's BEATstrumeantals and Lofi Japan
  • Featured on Deezer's Lofi Japan selection
  • Radio support on BBC Radio 6 (Focus Beats show) and SBS Australia Top 100 Chill Tracks of 2021

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