“From the fresh spring drizzle, through the beauty of the raindrops on the flower leaves, and all the way to the sun peeking behind the clouds, the rain season in Japan is the most magical time of year. With Samidare we took that concept and turned it into a 5-piece jazzhop journey, where every track offers its own unique flavor.”

yuhei miura & Kazuki Isogai

yuhei miura x Kazuki Isogai – Samidare EP

Release Date : June 1, 2021
Artists : Kazuki Isogai, yuhei miura

As the rainy season in Japan is around the corner, bless your ears with mellow drizzly vibes.

Titled as the Japanese word for “rain in May”, Samidare is a concept EP, encapsulating the misty lush nature of Japan’s most beautiful time of the year. With soulful guitars, hazy atmospheres, and soft drums, yuhei miura & Kazuki Isogai will take you on a sonic journey through the rain, exploring the beauty of the season’s nuances.

Setting out amongst the mist of “Kasumi” (titled as an ancient haiku word, meaning spring) the first piece of the EP will introduce you to some leisurely drums with a gentle touch of slick guitar textures. With “Hana No Ame” we already find ourselves amidst the musical raindrops. Meaning “flower rain” in Japanese, the title was inspired by the track’s sound, resembling spring freshness. The smooth lo-fi keys and mellow guitars are certain to soothe the ear and make you gently nod your head to the jazzy groove. The third track “Krisame” offers a short, but bracing flavor of lo-fi guitar sprinkles, staying true to its title, which means “drizzle”. With its captivating intro buildup and the following upbeat melodies, “Taiyo” (“sun”) represents the warm rays breaking through the rainy clouds. It then leads up to a beautifully positive ending of the musical story with the focus track “Niji” (meaning rainbow), concluding the rain cycle with some bright neo-soul guitar phrases.

Embark on this gorgeous musical stroll through rainy Japan with “Kasumi” on May 18th and enjoy the full EP experience, coming out on June 1st, 2021.