“Everyone has something they regret from the past. But there is nothing we can do about it.

We don’t live in the past, we live in the present. And it is important to move forward in life.

yuhei miura

yuhei miura x Kazuki Isogai x Refeeld – Look Forward EP

Release Date : March 2, 2022
Artists : Kazuki Isogai, yuhei miura

Release Schedule
» Feb 16th – ”Here and Now”
» Feb 23rd – “Embrace”
» Mar 2nd – Look Forward EP

Key Achievements
» featured on Spotify’s lofi beats, Road Trip to Tokyo, Chill Out Music, Midnight Chill, Shimmer
» featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals
» added to 213k independent playlists combined
» supported by curators like College Music, Sleep Tales, Chillhop Records, Filtr, Hip Dozer, Retro Jungle, Ryan Celsius, Fantastic Music, etc.
» over 230k combined followers on IG

The match made in heaven, Japanese producer yuhei miura & guitarist Kazuki Isogai, is back with another delightful project on Stereofox Records.

After their latest EPs with Stereofox – Nature City, Samidare & Better Days – received outstanding support by numerous curators, including Spotify – in lofi beats & Road Trip To Tokyo, and also in Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, for Look Forward EP they’re joined by another Japanese talent – Refeeld.

The 6-track project, consisting of 4 beats and 2 guitar-only pieces serving as intro & outro, is dedicated to the regrets we have about the past and the inability to change history; to the importance of living in the now and moving forward in life.

Starting off with the more melancholic “Remorse”, continuing with a ray of sunshine in “Aspire” and rising to the brightness & hopefulness in “Here and Now” & “Embrace”, the EP is a warm and touching listening experience from start to finish. With the help of Kazuki’s signature slick guitars and mellow keys, hazy brass, and soft beatwork from yuhei & Refeeld – something we’ve fallen in love with in yuhei & Kazuki’s “Hope”, “Flora” and “Kasumi” or Refeeld’s remix of imagiro – “Until I’m Home”.