A high-quality lofi brew made of swift guitar licks, warm keys, Asian-inspired strings and organic percussion  – “Earth” is the title track from the EP. This elegant composition aims to draw a blissful picture in the listener’s head of a purifying outdoor setting, where his spirit can become one with nature and he could fully recharge. Reflecting on the process of  ‘grounding’ and tuning one’s self to nature’s frequency, this track symbolizes the inner peace, stemming from the art of being present in the moment and accepting all that is.

When my friend Living Room ( Worldtraveller ) asked me to join him in this project a couple of months ago, I was very honoured and excited to be a part of this. His ideas and elements fit perfectly with the way that i like to create music, and the result is something organic, real, that we truly put our hearts into it.

Ricardo Schneider

“Working with Ricardo Schneider on our EP Earth was super nice; we tried to create an organic natural-sounding vibe that reflects the beauty of our mother earth. Ricardo’s soulful bluesy guitar playing is pure magic for me, I love working with musicians from all over the world, great things are created.”



An introspective journey with a pinch of nostalgia, “Flower” is the second track from the project. The heart-warming guitar poetry in this track navigates the listener through some hidden corners of the soul, filled with dear memories. The track is a reminder that sometimes a flower might wilt, but whatever is going on above the surface, it has strong roots under the ground and can revitalize itself – and the same goes for a human.


The last track from this healing EP challenges the listener to see “Beyond”  what one might consider as possible or feasible, allowing one’s self to expand one’s horizon. Holding tight to your roots, there’s no reason to be scared to fly and reach new lands of opportunities. Calmly letting go of certain habits and beliefs that don’t allow you to develop, you might also outgrow your environment and realize there are other circumstances in which you can better evolve and thrive. Infused with bright but humble hope, “Beyond” invites you to explore, imagine and dream, comforted by its serene atmosphere.



Ricardo Schneider

Ricardo Schneider

Worldtraveller x Ricardo Schneider – Earth EP

Release Date : April 4, 2022

Genre: lofi, chillhop, instrumental hip hop
Mood: calm, relaxing, meditative

Release schedule:
» March 14th – “Earth”
» April 4th – Earth EP

Key achievements:
» 20M+ streams combined across all major DSPs
» featured on a number of Spotify editorial playlists like lofi beats, Lush lofi, Jazz Vibes, Chillout Lounge, Feel Good Beats, Lo-Fi House, Sunny Beats, Kopfkino, Brain Food, Chill Out Music, Jazztronica, Workday Lounge and Coffee Beats
» featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, Bedtime Beats, Creative focus
» featured on Amazon Music US Lofi Beats and Amazon Music BR estudando com lofi
» support by independent curators like SBS Radio, Sleep Tales, Steezyasfuck
» featured on 80k independent fan playlists
» live performing as part of the first Lofi Collective Band in the world to play on such a huge festival like ”Polifonia” in Rio de Janeiro (Ricardo Schneider)

One of the most renowned instrumental music producers, Ingolf Schapke aka Living Room/ Worldtraveller, keeps on enriching the chillhop/lofi world with his masterfully crafted music. As Worldtraveller the German producer, composer, sound engineer and DJ aims to combine diverse cultural and ethnic influences, offering us a musical journey around the globe.

Coming from the Brazilian blues/soul scene, Ricardo Schneider has mastered the guitar as a means of personal expression and has proved that his input can spice up any lofi tune, turning it into a warm and soothing delight. He has collaborated with a number of talented artists such as Pointy Features, Softy, Linearwave, Rebecca Mardal, Iza Beats, Pelicano, Smoke Trees, FaOut and many others.

Now Worldtraveller and Ricardo Schneider have teamed up for a blissful 3-track EP, dedicated to nature and our connection with it. Earth is an uplifting project, reflecting on the desire to peacefully co-exist with our planet. Guided by the realization that preserving nature means preserving one’s self, the producers encapsulated the profound desire of achieving a state of equilibrium, turning their new EP into an environmental statement.

With its organic sound and soothing atmosphere, the project is a nurturing experience which reminds us of our ability to grow, regenerate and access the source of vitality within ourselves.