“We value music that can be created in a natural way, like a conversation between a husband and a wife. The sound of a married couple at home.“

Toshiki Soejima & Nahokimama


Release Schedule: Jul 18th, 2023
Genres: Jazz, Lofi

We are proud to announce another Japanese dream team with their debut release on Stereofox Records – Toshiki Soejima & Nahokimama’s Tokyo EP.

The husband and wife duo have created a collection of 4 tracks that elegantly blend neo-soul guitars and jazzy trumpets over lofi beats. The project is inspired by nature & the organic flow of things – which not only shows by the effortless compositions but also on the artwork, using the flower motif on Toshiki’s signature guitar Bruno TN-295.


Toshiki Soejima

Toshiki Soejima is a neo-soul guitarist from Japan. Toshiki’s musical journey began when he picked up the guitar for the first time at the age of 14 & later got inspired by the neo-soul aesthetics on Tom Misch’s 2018 Georgraphy album. He founded a music school in 2016 which is now one of the most popular music schools in Japan, with about 450 students across the country. He also does guitar tutorials & live sessions on his YouTube (190K subs) and manages a guitar tab online shop.

  • 190K subscribers on Toshiki’s YouTube channel (20M total views)
  • 115K followers on IG combined
  • Featured on Apple’s BEATstrumentals, Lo-Fi Japan, New Fire
  • Added to Deezer’s lofi Japan
  • Featured on Spotify’s Lonely Girl – I’m a little tired… editorial
  • Toshiki Soejima is the founder of a music school for neo-soul guitar with 450 students
  • Guitar tab online shop
  • Live tour across Japan in March 2023
  • Interview by GuitarMagazine.jp
  • 1M streams on debut EP Life
  • Airplay in Japan


Nahokimama is a multi-instrumentalist (trumpet, guitar, piano) & vocalist from Tokyo. She’s been playing the trumpet since she was 10.

  • Featured on Apple’s BEATstrumentals, Lo-Fi Japan, and New Fire

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