Our new project takes over the sound of the previous Tokyo EP, but pushes it more in the direction of ambient and chill. “Moyu” means the sprouting of a new leaf in Japanese. It foreshadows our adventure that will spread from here to the world.

Toshiki Soejima & Nahokimama


Release Schedule: Apr 10th - Wave
May 15th - Other Side
Jun 19th - Moyu EP
Genres: Beats, Jazz

The wonderful husband-and-wife duo from Japan – guitarist Toshiki Soejima & trumpet/keyboard player Nahokimama return to Stereofox for another project, after the amazing success of their Tokyo EP.

Moyu, meaning the birth of a new leaf in Japanese but also “hope”, is a collection of 4 songs carrying the duo’s warmth & love in their compositions, all with Toshiki Soejima’s signature neo-soul guitars. The perfect soundtrack to start spring with.

With 2 upfront singles – “Wave” & “Other Side”, the EP offers an exquisite listening experience through mesmerizing guitar licks, soothing trumpets, warm keys & soft beats.

All the songs were co-written by Toshiki and Naho, and the second track, “Wave,” features the renowned Japanese guitarist Kyohei Ariga. All recording was done at Toshiki’s house and mixed and mastered by Toshiki himself.


Toshiki Soejima

Toshiki Soejima is a neo-soul guitarist from Japan. Toshiki’s musical journey began when he picked up the guitar for the first time at the age of 14 & later got inspired by the neo-soul aesthetics on Tom Misch’s 2018 Georgraphy album. He founded a music school in 2016 which is now one of the most popular music schools in Japan, with about 450+ students across the country. He also does guitar tutorials & live sessions on his YouTube (240k subs) and manages a guitar tab online shop.

  • 240k subscribers on Toshiki’s YouTube channel (30M total views) / 400k followers on socials
  • Frequently performs live, including at Tower Records Shibuya, the largest CD store in the world + a tour across Japan in March 2023
  • Featured on Apple’s BEATstrumentals, Lo-Fi Japan, Morning Focus, Jazz Scene: Japan, New Fire
  • 3M streams on debut Stereofox EP Tokyo
  • Airplay on BBC 6 Radio (Focus Beats) & across Japan
  • Added to Deezer’s lofi Japan & chill lofi
  • Featured on Spotify’s Hangover Detox, .ORG, Lonely Girl – I’m a little tired… & more
  • Toshiki Soejima is the founder of a music school for neo-soul guitar with 450+ students
  • Guitar tab online shop
  • Interview by GuitarMagazine.jp


Nahokimama is a multi-instrumentalist (trumpet, guitar, piano) & vocalist from Tokyo. She’s been playing the trumpet since she was 10.

  • Featured on Apple’s BEATstrumentals, Lo-Fi Japan, Morning Focus, Jazz Scene: Japan, New Fire
  • Supported on Spotify's Lonely Girl - I’m a little tired... & In Slumber (まどろみの中で) editorials
  • Airplay on BBC 6 Radio (Focus Beats) & across Japan
  • Added to Deezer’s chill lofi

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