“I was going through a period in my life where I felt like everything was kind of getting on top of me as I took some financial risks and career risks which ultimately made me bet on myself. So I felt like I had a lot on me that I had to sort and deal with.

Syf of Talking Knots


Syf of Talking Knots





[ Key Achievements ]

  • featured on Spotify’s Jazz Rap, AlternaRap, Orbit, Mellow Beats
  • supported by curators like College Music, Well Overdue, freshgoodies, cursounds
  • previous releases with urbanundergrounds, Sunset Music, Aviary Bridge, Ryan Celsius
  • collabs with Handbook, Mondo Loops, Early Garden
  • Stash Peso was supported by Complex UK

Syf of Talking Knots x Nellavi – Dawn (Prod by SamXVI)

Release Date : April 27, 2023

[ Genres ]
jazz rap, conscious hip-hop, soul

[ Similar Artists ]
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[ Release Info ]
Soulful & touching hip-hop from an absolute dream team.

A frequent guest on Spotify’s Jazz Rap & Orbit editorials and collabs with Handbook & Mondo Loops, Syf of Talking Knots delivers his debut Stereofox release. “Dawn” is together with London producer SamXVI (of Frances, The Mute; also collaborated with Mondo Loops) & emerging singer Nellavi, plus a surprise verse from UK legend Stash Peso (supported by Complex UK).

Get lost in the impeccable lyricism, the warm keys & the raw hip-hop production of this gem about family, responsibilities & success.

[ Artist Bio ]
Syf of Talking knots is a rapper/vocalist from the UK, North West London. His love for rap started when he was young and used to hear his older brother playing Ice Cube and DMX albums in his room. As he got older he realised that he had a love for poetry and the art of rhyming words; which he then began to do. He entered a couple poetry competitions and travelled to different places in the UK but in the back of his mind he knew he wanted to do music. He’s also part of production band Frances, The Mute.

SamXVI is a vital part of London’s underground hip hop scene. Part of Frances, The Mute & has collaborated with legends like Mondo Loops.