“Following on my remix of Paklite’s amazing track ‘Visions’, Paklite and I knew we’d make a great match for a collaboration. After working through some scheduling conflicts, he and I were able to finally able to make it work, producing ‘Popcentury’. We knew we had something going, and decided to try a few more while we were at it, leading to ‘Highwave’ and ‘Tampa House’. It’s been a pleasure working with Paklite, and I’m super excited to be working this release with Stereofox



Release Schedule: Jul 18th - "Pop Century"
Aug 16th - SUN/LITE Vol. 1
Genres: Electronic

Paklite has joined forces with esteemed lofi house producer SUN/MGNETK to create SUN/LITE Vol.1 – a dance-friendly body of work oozing with soul.

By now, the Arizona-based lofi hip hop and chillhop producer Paklite has proven himself to be amongst the most consistent artists within the beat scene. His unique brand of soulful chillhop beats has earned him millions of streams and placements on various editorials across DSPs. Even though he sits in a different position sonically, his sound perfectly complements his collaborator SUN/MGNETK on this EP. The London-based producer carries a distinctive lofi house sound with a strong r&b influence and is infused with warm, lush textures.

The dreamy lead single “Pop Century” is a stellar showcase of their synergy, and how the pair is able to create an intersection between groovy and comforting. Its raw and beautiful imperfections spill over to the second single “Tampa House” thanks to the exquisite lofi charm shared by the two producers.

With SUN/LITE Vol. 1, the pair are ready to take listeners on a voyage through dreamlike atmospheres propelled by thumping dance beats.



Paklite is a musician/producer and live performer based in Phoenix, Arizona. His beats are heavily influenced by many genres, including Soul, RnB, Jazz, Chillhop and Lofi. Since his first self-released EP in 2017, Paklite has collaborated and released tracks with many like-minded producers. With millions of plays and multiple editorial placements on both Apple Music and Spotify, Paklite continues to grow and diversify his musical talents.

  • Multiple singles featured on Apple editorials like BEATstrumentals
  • Airplay on BBC Radio 6 (Focus Beats Show)
  • Featured on Spotify editorials such as Mellow Beats, lofi chill, and lofi beats
  • A combined total of 8.5 million streams across DSPs


London-based electronic/house producer. London-based electronic/house producer. SUN/MGNETK is well known for his warm, lush take on lofi house that carries a strong r&b influence.

  • Featured on Apple Music’s Underground editorial
  • Supported by Majestic Casual

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