“The idea of home is where one feels comfortable. This isn’t necessarily a specific place but could be the presence of a particular individual. This project is inspired by my journey of finding my own home and where I find comfort.”

steezy prime

steezy prime – Your Comfort

Release Date : March 5, 2021
Artist : steezy prime

Built around the idea of finding your safe space, steezy prime’s full-length Your Comfort is a lush and gentle beat journey that sets the stage for those quiet moments during the day.

Accompanied by a plethora of talented artists, the album marks the 2nd Stereofox release of the Boston-based producer. Previously featured on Will Smith’s and ChilledCow’s channels, the steezy has also produced numerous compositions for the NY Times and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this laid-back journey with him.

Experiencing the sonic universe of Your Comfort is not only a way to detach yourself from everyday stress but a way to embark on a personal journey and be with your inner self for a little while.