Being able to walk by the pier and smell the ocean breeze has been therapeutic and a great inspiration for a lot of my recent work

steezy prime

steezy prime & S-Ilo – Harbor

Release Date : August 12, 2020
Artists : S-Ilo, steezy prime

A quality blend of warm Rhodes keys and soothing guitars ensures a blissful and nostalgic experience, the perfect way to disconnect after a long day.

We’re excited to present to you a smooth beat by the producers S-Ilo (UK) and Steezy Prime (US), called “Harbor”.

Relaxing and tranquilizing beats are just one of many sounds you will hear from these producers. If you’re familiar with the expressive duo, you might remember their previously released track titled “Cloud Cover”. It is still getting a lot of traction on streaming platforms, which also proves the impact of their unique sound. Now they reach a new milestone together with their first Stereofox release.

So take a deep breath, dive in, and enjoy the luscious soundscapes of this gem.