“As the sun fades is a Lofi instrumental, melodic drums with warm Rhodes and horns, the inspiration for the track was beautiful clear winters night where I live and the whole sky was orange as the sun faded”

Soulone Beats

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Soulone Beats

Soulone Beats – While the Sun Goes Down

Release Date : May 27, 2022

Release Schedule
» 27 May 2022

Key achievements
» over 3 million streams on Spotify

Nostalgia and longing are some of the feelings that are bound to arise when listeners dive into “While the Sun Goes Down”, the latest release from UK-based artist Soulone Beats.

Over the past year, the swift rise of Chillhop producer Soulone Beats can easily be described as sensational and rightfully earned. His string of releases on prominent Lofi imprints such as Soundplate, Kindbrew, Chill Mooon, and Purity Label have shaped him to be among the most exciting newcomers within the beat scene. His newest single with Stereofox Records pushes us towards a meditative headspace thanks to the dreamy nature of the track. “When the Sun Goes Down” was inspired by a sunset witnessed by Soulone where the most beautiful colors had chased the sun up until nightfall. The emotions that travelled through him were all poured into what we know as “When the Sun Goes Down”.

With a steady growing catalog and over 3 million streams on Spotify, Soulone Beats is one to watch as he’s journey has just begun.