Avenue is a warm mid temp Lofi beat. Lush Rhodes with deep bass and crunch drums. The track builds into a warm chorus filled with guitar and strings. The track is inspired by walking along an avenue in a busy city with everything going on around you.

Soulone Beats

Soulone Beats | Stereofox Records

Soulone Beats

[ Key Achievements ]

  • Placement on Spotify editorials such as Sunny Beats, Lofi Garden, and Lofi Sleep
  • More than 5 Millions streams across DSPs

Soulone Beats – Avenue

Release Date : November 8, 2022

[ Genres ]
Chillhop, Lofi Hip Hop

[ Similar Artists ]
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[ Artist Bio ]
Soulone Beats started producing lofi chillhop early 2019, from London uk. has released on soundplate, Lofijazz records, kindbrew, chill moon pueblo vista, purity label, recently hit 150k monthly listeners. Inspiration is warm lofi/boombap beats.

[ Release Info ]
UK producer Soulone Beats is quickly making a name for himself in the beat scene with instrumentals that are pleasantly lush and soulful. His latest track “Avenue” offers more of this feeling to his audience in a manner that’s seamlessly nostalgic.

Soulone Beats (aka Dean Rogerson) started off 2022 as one to watch, and now… He’s proved to be among the most outstanding young producers in the Chillhop space with millions of streams across DSPs, and placements on Spotify editorials such as Sunny Beats, Lofi Garden, and Lofi Sleep. The themes behind his music are rooted in experiences most of us can relate to. “Avenue” captures those moments when we’re walking along an avenue and feel totally submerged by the nosy hustle and bustle of the city. The mood that Soulone welcomes us to comforts us into relaxation for times like these, and the overall warmth of “Avenue” puts our worries at ease when we’re looking to unwind.

This serves as Soulone’s second release with Stereofox Records and with each release the producer lures the listener into a calming space with his distinct style.