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“In our latest collaboration, Softy and I (Two Scents) invite the listener to spend a night ‘Under the Stars’. Euphoric and somnolent atmospheres are created in these sleepy, slow-tempo tracks, with instrumental delights courtesy of saxophones, clarinets, and violins played by both artists nestled in every corner giving subtle hints of downtempo and neo-soul. Let the gentle keys supported by steady drums and ethereal sound design guide you into a welcome dream…”

Two Scents


Release Schedule: Feb 28th - "Moonlight Soul"
Mar 13th - "Seen from Afar"
Mar 27th - Under The Stars EP
Genres: Beats, Lofi

Softy and Two Scents guide you into a space of tranquillity with their new collaborative project Under the Stars EP.

The signature sound of softy beautifully encapsulates his jazz background with a dreamy style of lofi hip hop. With this, he has garnered a notable amount of attention around his music with over more than 1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify and features on prominent editorials. His co-creator Two Scents is also a key figure in the global lofi beatmaking scene, working closely with the most prestigious labels and gaining support from Spotify on a variety of coveted playlists.

Together, they’ve captured the feeling of stargazing on the relaxing body of work Under the Stars EP. “Moonlight Soul”, the first single of the EP feels meditative with its soft keys and introspective allure. This is followed up by the second single “Seen from Afar” – a slow journey-like gem that immerses you into the present moment. This is the feeling offered to listeners throughout Under the Stars EP thanks to their atmospheric charm and comforting nature.



Softy has found joy in playing the jazz piano since a young age and dedicated time to studying jazz. Recognizing the seamless blend of the jazz and lo-fi genres, Softy embarked on a journey to craft a unique sound and create original music.

  • Featured on prominent Spotify editorials such as Chill Instrumental Beats, The Lofi Garden, Coding Mode, and lush lofi
  • Has more 1.4M+ monthly listeners on Spotify

Two Scents

Two Scents (Zack Chantler) is a key figure in the global lofi beatmaking scene, working closely with the most prestigious labels such as Lofi Girl (formerly Chilled Cow) and Hip Dozer, as well as collaborating with similarly prestigious artists.

  • Has 730k+ monthly listeners on Spotify
  • Featured on prominent Spotify playlists such as lofi beats, lofi sleep, and Focus Flow, New Music Friday UK

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