“Forget about me is the title of the first EP in the double release, when I was writing these tracks I’ve been battling chronic pain and gastrointestinal health issues, I’ve been in and out of hospitals and on/off my death bed losing over 130 lbs barely able to eat any food at all. I felt like I was losing who I was as a person, lost many friends, ended very happy relationships with people because I felt like a burden and that I couldn’t be loved. I think the best way to express myself was to search deeper within myself and to let go of the person I was trying to hold on to (forget about me) meaning to just allow myself to grow into the person I need to become during this new time period of healing.”


Sofasound | Stereofox


Sofasound – Forget About Me EP

Release Date : November 23, 2021

Key achievements
» part of Riot Game’s League of Legends Sessions: Vi release alongside Laxcity, Tennyson, Engelwood, and many others
» tracks played in live sets by Alison Wonderland and San Holo
» featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Chill Tracks, lofi beats, Lounge – Soft House, Coffee Beats, Electronic Focus, Friday Cratediggers, and Apple Music’s Pure Focus and Pure Chill
» previous work with Chillhop Music and bitbird

Release Schedule
» Oct 26th – “Searching For Me”
» Nov 9th – “Where Do We Go”
» Nov 23rd – Forget About Me EP
» Nov 30th – announce vinyl campaign

» Dec 14th – “Into Night”
» Jan 4th – “Horizon” ft Floro
» Jan 20th – I’ve Grown EP

» Feb 18th – Forget About Me, I’ve Grown album & vinyl shipping worldwide

Sofasound is the kind of artist who is radically open with his audience, and for them, this establishes a deep bond with not only his sound, but also his fascinating story as an artist. The next chapter Sofasound (aka John J Sofia) acquaints us with is an EP titled Forget About Me – the first series of his much anticipated double EP release with Stereofox.

From releasing with prominent labels such as bitbird and Chillhop Music, to composing for video games like League of Legends, Black Desert Online, and Session, the name Sofasound echoes far and wide in the producer community. However a few years ago the Miami-based musician had a devastating encounter with misfortune and for him, everything would change. He started to experience an ongoing battle with chronic pain and gastrointestinal health issues. This not only left him in and out of hospitals, but also on/off his death bed. As he was gradually losing a sense of self he was simultaneously losing meaningful relationships – in short, it was an incredibly difficult period in John’s life.

It was during this time when the tracks for Forget About Me EP were created, and ultimately it serves as a sonic snapshot of that period. Then, he needed to evolve as a person in order to deal with all the pain and it truly reflects in his music, especially in the lead single “Searching for Me”. The tracks carry the essence of Sofasound’s while elegantly decorated in multi-colored electronic textures that are bound to take the listener on an emotive journey.