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“That feeling you get on balmy nights in the middle of summer, when a warm breeze passes over your face, and you are hit with that deep sense of calm and contentment. Sitting next to the lake looking out to the mountains in the distance, watching as the sun slowly paints a portrait of fire on the horizon, while birds chirp their evening song. Driving in the car with the windows down and the stars wheeling over head, the heat from the day lingers in the air as hands and fingers dangle out the side, warm wind filling the car. Or maybe that sunny day where it’s not too hot and not too cold, everything is in bloom with butterflies and animals out and about, and the breeze feels just right.

Finding that moment in time which brings a true sense of peace and love for sense of place, and using that as inspiration and guidance for creativity.”



Release Schedule: Jul 26th, 2022
Genres: Lofi

As summer is fully blooming, US producer SoBe adds a chilled, but uplifting feel to those long and relaxing warm days. A true gem in the rather happy side of lofi music. Perfect for lying in the sun, reading, or while walking in the forest.

The 3 tracks on Midsummer EP offer the listener a wide range of sun-charged emotions and invite any beat lover to go on a repeat spree while enjoying the beautiful weather outside. A careless soundtrack for the summer.



Vermont-based SoBe draws inspiration from hip-hop and music to shape his ever-evolving sound. He has played guitar most of his life, which is also the focal point of his music.

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