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This was a very exciting project to work on – especially with a number of talented singers overseas & in Japan. We hope we managed to create an interesting & varied listening experience while keeping the signature Snowk sound.



Release Schedule: [Jan 19th] "Running in Circles" (w/ Y A N A)
[Feb 9th] "Just a Dream" (w/ RiE MORRiS)
[Mar 1st] Show Me EP
Genres: R&B / Soul, Electronic

Exciting Japanese production duo Snowk marks their debut on Stereofox with an outstanding project.

Show Me EP includes Bulgarian singers Leena & Y A N A (featured on platforms like COLORS, R&B Nation, Ones To Watch) and the Japanese soulstress RiE MORRis (3 times on the cover of Spotify’s Soul Music Japan).

The tracks swing between nu-disco, soul electronica & breakbeat, creating a rich, yet somewhat cohesive listening experience.

“Running in Circles,” the 1st single and a standout song from the EP, explores the lack of emotional openness. Y A N A shares, “Most of us have been or have had an emotionally unavailable partner. It’s about the constant fear of not being good enough for that partner and relationship anxiety in general.” Snowk add, “We aimed to create a track within our signature r&b/soul electronic style, reminiscent of “Under the moon” with J.Lamotta. The bassline and chord progression pay homage to our favorite 80s songs – something I’m sure everyone will quickly notice.”

“Just A Dream” is the 2nd single from the project – featuring Japan’s soulstress RiE MORRiS. Snowk elaborate, “The song initially started as a more stripped-down Snowk-style track in the demo, but after feedback suggesting a desire for more complexity, we shifted towards a more dramatic direction. This adjustment, I believe, added depth to the song.” RiE MORRiS adds, “Snowk has a magical touch to make their music feel like your own, and it was an absolute pleasure to have worked with them. The melody came naturally, but I struggled a bit to come up with words as I wanted to keep it abstract. I did my best to express exactly how I felt without making it too personal so that this song will be received as yours too.”

Leena contributes her powerful vocals to “Show Me,” the opening/title song that delves into the theme of feeling everything deeply and remaining genuine in a world filled with deception. She adds, “It is about untruthful words, a stab in the back, and one broken friendship.”

“Show Me” was the first track we created after receiving the theme for this project,” Snowkexplain. “It consciously reflects Snowk’s essence, and within the simple structure of synths and rhythms, we hope you can feel various elements that define us.”

The 4th song of the EP is the breakbeat-driven “Like You” which will transport you to a nightclub – a place where we can often find Snowk behind the decks. You’ll lose yourself in the deep beatwork, mesmerizing, Overmono-like vocal samples, and pulsating synths.

Show Me EP by Snowk is a captivating blend of diverse musical styles and poignant lyricism, offering listeners a unique and immersive experience. Included are the Instrumental versions, as well as an Extended Mix of “Like You”.



Snowk is a production/DJ duo consisting of Yutaka Takanami & Fuminori Kagajo. Both coming from the snowy parts of Japan, hence the name, Snowk create music with “a sense of floating like powder snow lying gently onto urban asphalt pavement roads.” Their music has a signature nu-disco touch, with a pinch of nostalgia, often evoked by the velvety vocals of the singers featured in the songs.

  • Touring in Japan (including Blue Note Tokyo) & across Asia
  • Collaborations with artists like J.Lamotta, Miraa May, Pastel
  • Supported by Mixmag, Sounds So Beautiful, KCRW
  • Featured on Spotify editorials like Poolside Grooves, Soul Music Japan, mint & more
  • 100M+ streams across DSPs

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