After being friends for quite awhile after connecting through mutual compilation albums, Nick and I hit it off quick and started making music together. For this beat, I wanted to add memorable melodies to the already solid foundation Nick brought to the table. He makes it too easy for me to just sit down and start improvising (noodling as I call idea sessions) until I find ideas that I really like and building off that inspiration and momentum.



Release Schedule: Jul 15th, 2022
Genres: Lofi

”We set out to portray a tranquil and soothing environment, which started with me creating a peaceful atmosphere, and laying down some pleasant chords. Shaun’s work on the guitar really ties everything together, and as per usual we included some great Foley and “found sounds” from our spaces in Baltimore and Colorado respectively.“, elaborates Nick Wolf.


Nick Wolf

Nick Wolf is US-based producer and label manager and one of the most active artists on the lofi scene this year. His blend of calming sounds is always a soothing trip to all listeners as the producer specializes in creating truly tranquil sonic experiences.

  • More than 5M combined streams across DSPs
  • Featured on lofi beats, Lush Lofi and The Lofi Gaden Spotify editorials
  • Label manager at Roadetrix
  • Supported on more than 17k independent playlists
  • 4k followers on Spotify


sundaynightcoffee is a Denver-based musician and producer, making instrumentals inspired by lofi, chillhop, math-rock and midwest styles.

  • sundaynightcoffee is 100% non-profit – all album streams, merch sales, etc.  profit goes to a good cause at the end of the year. Last year sundaynightcoffee I donated $1.4k to Best Friend Society, a non-profit dedicated to make the US no-kill for all cats and dogs by 2025
  • More than 3M combined streams across DSPs
  • Featured on The Lofi Gaden Spotify editorial
  • Supported on more than10k independent playlists

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