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“Soft as Snow is an instrumental hiphop song with influences from jazz, soul and triphop from the late 90s. Perfect to listen to in the cold winter and inspired by the climate of its author’s hometown, Gijón, in the north from Spain. With a lo-fi aesthetic, its main ingredients are a minimalist drum pattern that increases in intensity, a bass with a marked jazz character, beautiful piano chords, guitar chops and wind and string arrangements that embellish the entire piece.”



Release Schedule: Jan 23rd - "Soft As Snow"
Genres: Beats, Jazz

SKYGAZE veers into uncharted territory, and surprises us with the unexpected trip-hop-inspired release, “Soft As Snow.”

The talents of Spanish producer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound designer SKYGAZE have opened doors that plenty of artists aspire to get into. As a producer, his eclectic style on his 3rd album “Freedom” received praise from Bandcamp and was hailed as album of the week on their home page. As a performer, he has not only recorded a stream for the iconic Boiler Room platform in his city, but he has also been presented with the opportunity to grace the stage at Sonar.

There is no particular genre SKYGAZE is known for. What he is known for is a catalog that continuously swerves into every lane sonically, and that’s exactly what we’re presented with on “Soft As Snow”. Influences from jazz, soul, and trip-hop from the late 90s are blended with hip-hop to create an instrumental that’s brimming with raw emotion and nostalgia. The musical opulence found here showcases SKYGAZE’s exquisite taste for samples and how he’s able to distill a range of sounds into a cohesive experience.



SKYGAZE is the musical project of Jaime Tellado, an architect by profession and a music fan from an early age. SKYGAZE's style is heterogeneous, based on abstract beat construction ranging from slow tempos to faster grooves such as house or jungle.

  • Performed at festivals such as Sonar and LEV o MIRA
  • Recorded a set for Boiler Room
  • Participant in the Red Bull Music Academy BassCamp held in Madrid
  • Bandcamp praised his third album called Freedom as Album of the Week on their home page
  • His music has been used in commercial projects by companies such as Springfield, Skullcandy, Kappa, el Corte Inglés, Sephora, Sonar+d, TPA, etc...

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