I ended up working on this song for 17 days straight. It started out as a really simple 4 on the floor type soul thing, but I deleted most of the idea and started over. It’s about the mixed feeling of being in an amazing loving relationship, but feeling tinges of worry for its future.


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s. lyre

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  • Featured on the Spotify editorial playlist ‘good energy’
  • 20 millions streams on Spotify
  • Works with brands such as Splice and Samplemagic

s.lyre – can’t seem to

Release Date : March 30, 2022

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March 30

[ Genres ]
Future Beats, Electronic, Chill Beats

[ Similar Artists ]
Medasin, Laxcity, Camoufly

[ Artist Bio ]
I had piano lessons as a kid and really hated them at times. Then i finally convinced my parents to let me try guitar. Fell in love with song writing and John Mayers music. Jump forward a bunch of years I moved from US to UK for University to study music tech. In the first year my mind was opened to the weird musical delights of Soundcloud. Artists like grynpyret and Sam Gellaitry to name a few, but there were so many new names and styles popping up in that time. Made a bunch of songs as s. lyre and ‘superb lyres’ (group with my friend luke). Jump forward again and now I am working full time on music, mainly doing freelance work for Splice/Samplemagic. I feel like I have just been in a long two year pit. I still liked listening to music but I found it hard to create. I’ve busted out of that hole and I am now back and really loving the process again. I spent too much time away from Soundcloud and I really missed that community. I also spent too much time away from producing with a more open mindset. I think I started to fall into a very rigid approach to making music, and that really took away from my enjoyment and the serendipity that comes from exploring weird routes.

[ Release Info ]

S. lyre’s “can’t seem to” not only marks his first release after surpassing 20 million streams on Spotify… It’s creation served as a catharsis for s.lyre as the feelings of doubt around his loving relationship are all poured into this single – hence the title “can’t seem to”.

The musical talents of s.lyre have landed him the opportunity to work with companies such as Splice and Samplemagic, slots on Spotify Editorial playlists, and the pleasure to work on music full time. However two years ago, he found himself in a dark place that dimmed his creative spark to the point where he had fell out of love with the process. After some much-needed time to find himself and his sound once more, has risen from the mental abyss and offers fans “can’t seem to”… A track that channels deep emotions around love and intimacy, and reminds us of his prowess as a producer. The woozy synths on the track are escorted by colorful percussion, and this strips the track of it’s sad undertone thus leaving us with a deep yet easygoing vibe reminiscent of Medasin and Laxcity.

This is s.lyre’s debut release with Stereofox and in many ways represent the beginning of a new chapter for the UK based producer.