The song was written during the cold season in Switzerland when I remembered my past road trips. The Tayrona National Park in South America reminds me of this time and I try to reflect this feeling in the song.

Ruck P

Ruck P | Stereofox Records

Ruck P

[ Key Achievements ]

  • produced for CREED III: The Soundtrack (Dreamville Records) in 2023
  • went on Nr. 1 Album Charts in Germany with CRO in 2021
  • produced an Apple Advert back in 2019
  • has worked with artists like CRO, Cypress Hill, Delinquent Habits, Masta Ace, Termanology, and Fashawn
  • releases with The Kount, Shuko, Phlocalyst & more
  • has been played by numerous radio channels including BBC Radio 1 or Soulection
  • featured on 220+ Spotify editorials like Feel Good Beats and Relax Brunch
  • featured on Apple Music editorials such as LoFi Sunday, Cramming and Studying
  • 80M+ streams across DSPs
  • released with prominent labels like Chillhop Music and Hip Dozer

Ruck P – Tayrona

Release Date : May 18, 2023

[ Genres ]
alternative beats, jazz-funk

[ Similar Artists ]
FKJ, Tom Misch, Moods

[ Release Info ]
Ruck P’s lively new release “Tayrona” exhibits why his fanbase is so enamored by his multi-colored style of instrumentals.

For just over 10 years, the Swiss producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist has not only flaunted his musical virtuosity through his beats but he’s also known for transitioning into a variety of genres quite seamlessly. Recently he was featured on Creed III: The Soundtrack (“Burn Bridges”) alongside the Dreamville Records roster, and in 2021 he ventured into German Pop with CRO’s trip and scored #1 on the charts. Ruck P has also helped shaped the work of Cypress Hill, Delinquent Habits, Masta Ace, Termanology, and Fashawn.

When it comes to his own creations, his contribution to the chill-hop scene certainly can’t escape mention, especially since he’s closely affiliated with the iconic Chillhop Music label. It’s the soulful allure paired with the musicality in his beats that makes him one of a kind, and this has even attracted Apple to use his music for a commercial, alongside support from radio stations such as BBC Radio 1 and Soulection.

This signature soulful sound is also found in “Tayrona” – a vibrant single that captures the feelings associated with being at Tayrona National Park in South America. Just like the park, this is bound to leave listeners feeling refreshed with its groovy and joyous vibe. The bright horns coupled with the guitars here paint the picture of a pleasant summer day.

“Tayrona” marks Ruck P’s first release with Stereofox, and this one is quite a sentimental gem for the Swiss artist.

[ Artist Bio ]
Ruck P is a Swiss based multi-instrumentalist & DJ who worked with artists like CRO, Cypress Hill, Delinquent Habits, Masta Ace, Termanology, Fashawn & many others. 
 As a solo artist he mainly works with Chillhop Records. Ruck P’s music has been played by radio channels e.g. BBC Radio 1 or Soulection and also got selected for an Apple Commercial.