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“Komorebi is Japanese for “sunlight shining through the trees”.  This album was inspired by this emotion, this feeling of gentle and comforting light warming up the landscape around. It reminded me of the peace that comes after a difficult period in life when emotions become balanced and joyful again.

I hope that this album will help you find peace and give you the energy to go through anything you are experiencing.”

Romain Granger


Release Schedule: Oct 30, 2023
Genres: Lofi

Renowned French lofi producer and multifaceted data engineer, Romain Granger, invites listeners on a tranquil musical journey with his latest album, Komorebi. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese word, which translates to “sunlight shining through the trees,” Granger’s album exudes a soothing, futuristic essence with a Southeastern Asian vibe.

Komorebi captures the essence of gentle and comforting light warming the landscape, reminiscent of the serenity that follows challenging periods in life when emotions regain their balance and joy. The album weaves together intricate melodies and ambient soundscapes, creating a sonic tapestry that invokes a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

A notable highlight of the record is the collaboration with talented fellow French artist AIR GOAT, who lends their creative prowess to three tracks on the album. Their synergy elevates the music to new heights, adding depth and texture to Granger’s already mesmerizing compositions.


Romain Granger

Introducing the enigmatic artist hailing from the charming streets of France, Romain Granger, a visionary whose creative journey seamlessly intertwines with his prowess in the realm of data engineering. With an insatiable love for crafting melodies and a penchant for amalgamating diverse genres like hip-hop, lo-fi, and electronic, Romain’s musical odyssey unfolds as a mesmerizing tale.

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