I made this song late, on a memorable night. The moon glowed above me and lit up the thin mist in the air around. I thought up a chord progression to match this mysterious aura. The unexpected brightness in the middle of the night surprised me. I needed to complement this dramatic night of inspiration with some impactful drums and layers of lush guitars. Does it get so bright often? It felt like I was on a different planet with 2 moons lighting up the night. With some more filtered synth notes and vintage organ sounds, the story of Ashley and Mark living on a multi-mooned planet was born.




[ Key Achievements ]

  • 40M+ streams on all DSPs combined
  • featured numerous times on Spotify’s editorial playlists, such as Jazz Vibes, lofi beats and Focus Flow
  • 7k + independent curator playlist adds
  • collaborations with renowned artists like Glimlip, Hoffy Beats and Inf

RINZ. – Exomoon

Release Date : August 11, 2022
Artist : RINZ.

[ Genres ]
instrumental hip hop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
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[ Artist Bio ]
RINZ. started his instrumental hip hop journey in 2017 and since then doesn’t seek to impress with his knack for well-balanced and touching compositions. Having surpassed 40M streams, he keeps on making music to channel his emotions into his art.

The Amsterdam-based producer is passionate about sound design and likes to record his own sounds and instruments from scratch. His music encapsulates the spirit of everything around him – from modern cityscapes to natural scenery. His ever-evolving sound presents diverse sides of his musical taste and approach, earning him spots on Spotify’s biggest instrumental editorials, such as Jazz Vibes and lofi beats.

[ Release Info ]

His second release with Stereofox Records, after “Static Second”, is inspired by the mysterious aura of the Moon, which was so bright one night that triggered his imagination on different artistic levels.

Taking off with mesmerizing keys which indicate the touching nature of the track right from the start, “Exomoon” encapsulates the elegance of the Moonlight. The track is pleasantly warming with a subtle romantic flavour and stands out with soul-caressing harmonies and well-pronounced drums.

RINZ.’s ability to position each element at its right place led to yet another sonicscape that not only delights but tells a story. In addition, the talented artist translated his inspiration not only into sound but also into words:

“Ashley was walking along the small canal on planet tumoonterra. She looked at the second moon and wondered if her friend made it there safely. Mark was her childhood friend, and this was the first time they had decided to go different ways. As Ashley walked through the calm night, she felt the cold breeze and realized how this was inevitable. Mark was always interested in the bigger universe. He saved up for years to go on the trip to the Exomoon and pursue his dream to become a space-agriculturist. It was all very understandable, but Ashley couldn’t bear the loneliness that Mark left behind.”

*Exomoon: An exomoon or extrasolar moon is a natural satellite that orbits an exoplanet or other non-stellar extrasolar body.