The main character is a first-time airplane traveler, and the story is about diving into the between from the starting point to the destination, seeing the hazy blue clouds from the plane for the first time, and searching for a new beginning at the destination.


refeeld producer


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[ Key Achievements ]

  • Featured in 200+ editorials on Spotify (lofi beats, Road Trip To Tokyo, Chill Out Music, Lazy Chill Afternoon, Midnight Chill & more)
  • Added to Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, LoFi Japan, Pure Focus
  • 100M+ streams combined across DSPs
  • Refeeld was featured in Amazon Music’s Lo-Fi Hip Hop station
  • Supported in >200k independent playlists combined, including curators like College Music, The Jazz Hop Cafe, Hip Dozer, Dreamy, thebootlegboy & many more
  • Refeeld’s previous Stereofox releases are with renowned Japanese guitarist Kazuki Isogai, a remix of imagiro’s “Until I’m Home” (amassed 550k on Spotify without editorial) & EP with Aphrow (4 editorials including BEATstrumentals – Apple & lofi + chill – Spotify)

Refeeld & Komachi – Find New Roots EP

Release Date : April 26, 2023

[ Schedule ]
April 12th – Another Beginning
April 26th – Find New Roots EP

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop, jazzhop

[ Similar Artists ]
steezy prime, Kazuki Isogai, Hoffy Beats

[ Release Info ]
Promising Tokyo producer Refeeld (frequent guest on Apple’s BEATstrumentals, LoFi Japan & Spotify’s Road Trip To Tokyo, Chill Out Music) returns to Stereofox for another project, this time with fellow Japanese act Komachi.

Find New Roots EP is a tale about a first-time airplane traveler, looking for a new home. Full with hope, the 4-song project will fill you up with warmth due to its synths, guitars & subtle vocal samples.

First single & closing track “Another Beginning” is bright, guitar-driven chillhop that will warm you on the inside.

Both artists have been featured in 200+ editorials (incl. Spotify’s lofi beats, Jazz Vibes & Apple’s BEATstrumentals, Pure Focus, LoFi Japan) & 240K independent playlists.

[ Artist Bio ]
Refeeld is one of Japan’s emerging producers crafting beautiful piano & guitar melodies on top of chilled beats. With releases with Lofi Records, Dreamhop Music, and Stereofox (including with renowned guitarist Kazuki Isogai), he amassed more than 57M streams on Spotify – with the support of curators like College Music, The Jazz Hop Cafe, Hip Dozer, Dreamy & more, as well as features on Apple’s BEATstrumentals & LoFi Japan. In 2021 Refeeld was among the winners of a remix competition of imagiro’s “Until I’m Home” and his rendition reached half-million streams on Spotify without editorial support.

Komachi entered the lofi scene in 2021, after 16 years of releasing electronic music under another moniker. As Komachi, he’s been consistently claiming his spot in the scene with a number of carefully-crafted compositions, which carry tranquility and immerse the listener in a dreamy, peaceful lofi heaven. Often guitar-driven, his tracks combine slick production and live instrumentation to offer a real feast for the ears. Just for half a year, since the start of his lofi releases, his tasteful compositions gathered half a million streams on Apple, with his very first release getting into Apple’s BEATstrumentals and that’s most certainly only the beginning for the quickly rising lofi talent.