“This is “curl up with your loved one’s” music. Rebecca wrote the guitar parts while not having a place to live, keeping her clothes in the trunk of her car. After that, we built on the idea up both inspired by our experience with the Lockdown in 2 different locations. This is our preparation for the upcoming winter.”

Hush Child & Rebecca Mardal

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Rebecca Mardal

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Hush Child

Rebecca Mardal x Hush Child – Fireplace

Release Date : October 15, 2021

Will and Rebecca started talking about lofi music online and this communication quickly evolved into a friendship. While they’ve never met in person as Rebecca lives in Sweden, and Will resides in the UK, that didn’t stop them from creating beautiful melodies together, working remotely and sending files back and forth.

Separated by the North Sea, Rebecca and Hush create their parts separately and collaborate online, mixing, tweaking, and re-recording until the process has finished. Their music often has a bouncy, lo-fi undertone but they strive to make each release a little more unique than the last.

“Fireplace” is the first track the pair have released since their Act series and their Stereofox debut. The song represents the world opening back up as winter comes back around.

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