I wrote Wingspan last summer at a time when I was having a bit of writers block. I had been starting multiple tracks but getting nowhere so I decided to take a break from writing and just find some new beats to listen to. After a bit of searching I found a track by Too North called “Dreamstate” and something about the vibe of that song really resonated with me, plus the drums are just super crispy. With that as the main inspiration I wrote a few chords on lounge lizard and everything came pretty naturally after that. Wingspan is a good reminder to myself that if I’m struggling to write something new then it’s time to change up my process.


Paklite | Stereofox Records


[ Key Achievements ]

  • multiple singles featured on Apple’s Beastrumentals
  • featured on Spotify editorials such as Mellow Beats and lofi chill
  • supported on Chillhop Music’s lofi hip hop beats playlist
  • combined total of 8.5 million streams between Apple Music and Spotify

Paklite – Wingspan

Release Date : March 27, 2023

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Hz., Strong Maurice, Devon Rea

[ Artist Bio ]
With millions of plays across multiple streaming platforms, Paklite continues to grow within the Chillhop and Lofi communities as a multi-faceted producer, instrumentalist, and live performer. He has earned multiple features on editorial playlists across Spotify and Apple Music such as Study-beats, Mellow beats, BEATstrumentals, and LoFi Chill. Paklite is also an avid performer, playing his music venues across Phoenix including the Pemberton, Valley Bar, Last Exit Live, and Crescent Ballroom. His collaborations have reached across the world, working and performing with artists such as Blockhead, Korey Wade, Devon Rea, Hz., Ben Jammin’, Beats and Tee Peters. Paklite has also released with prominent labels in the industry like Brunch Collect, Stereofox, Chill Select, Etymology Records and Lofi Jazz Records.

[ Release Info ]

The name Paklite (aka Collin Stevic) has been increasingly ringing louder in the beat scene for the past couple of years, and his regular appearance on Spotify and Apple editorial playlists has resulted in millions of listeners becoming acquainted with his unique brand of Chillhop.

With each Paklite release, audiences are welcome to a fascinating narrative to accompany the distinctive sound they hear. His new single “Wingspan” is not only a comforting and lush experience for listeners, but for Paklite it also marks the end of his awful spell with writer’s block. For a period of time, he found that he just wasn’t getting anywhere with the music he was producing and this led to a short hiatus. After he discovered Too North’s “Dreamstate”, this fueled Collin with inspiration and he poured this energy into the creation of “Wingspan”. The presence of warm keys and rich textures here create a dreamy, calming effect that’s infused with Paklite’s signature sound.

This is Paklite’s 4th release with Stereofox and you can expect to be whisked off into a state of relaxation the moment you hit play on “Wingspan”.