Really enjoyed remixing Paklite’s amazing Lo-Fi joint ‘Visions’. I tried to put my own spin on it while keeping the hazy & lush feeling of the original intact. I chopped up most of the original parts he’d sent and blended them back together while adding a bit of my own vibe, trying my best to inject a bit of winter sun vibe into the whole thing.


SUN/MGNETK | Stereofox


Paklite – Visions (SUN/MGNETK remix)

Release Date : March 3, 2022

Release Schedule
» 3 March, 2022

Key achievements
» previously featured on Apple Music’s “Underground” playlist

Paklite’s knack for creating thought-provoking instrumentals with an emotional edge is wonderfully exhibited through his 2021 single “Visions”. In 2022, new life has given to “Visions” by London based House producer SUN/MGNETK as he completely transforms the Lo-fi gem with his remix.

The works of Paklite and SUN/MGNETK are stylistically worlds apart, what brings them together however is the soulful aura that radiates from their respective sound. On this remix SUN/MGNETK adorns the introspective “Visions” with his distinct aesthetic that’s imbued with dreamy tones and syncopated rhythms. A KAYTRANADA and Jitwam reminiscent vibe is what we’re eventually welcomed to thanks to the soulful yet dance-friendly listening experience this rendition provides. Even though the remix saunters towards an upbeat direction, the hazy & lush feeling of Paklite’s original is still intact.

This marks SUN/MGNETK’s debut release via Stereofox and the first Lo-Fi House release of the year for the label.