“Fly-by doesn’t really have a story or inspiration behind it other than I wanted it to be a late night vibe. I wanted this song to capture the essence of how I feel when I’m just hanging out in the studio or when I’m alone under the stars at night. The drums swing at nice pace to put your mind in a good rhythm while the muted guitar riffs and distant sax samples comfort your soul.”


Paklite | Stereofox


Paklite – Fly By

Release Date : February 10, 2022

Release Schedule
» 10 February, 2022

Key achievements
» multiple singles featured on Apple’s Beastrumentals
» featured on Spotify’s Mellow Beats editorial playlist
» supported on Chillhop Music’s lofi hip hop beats playlist
» combined total of 6.5 million streams between Apple Music and Spotify

The name Paklite (aka Collin Stevic) has been increasingly ringing louder in the beat scene for the past couple of years, and his regular appearance on Spotify and Apple editorial playlists has resulted in millions of listeners becoming acquainted with his unique brand of Chillhop.

With each Paklite release, audiences are welcome to a fascinating narrative to accompany the distinctive sound they hear. However, on “Fly By” the Arizona based producer takes a detour from his usual route because this release is all about vibe. “Fly By” is about evoking the feelings that come from star gazing and late-night contemplations in a matter of minutes. The sounds of the distant brass coupled with the touch of subtle guitar riffs are bound to comfort listeners throughout this dreamy experience. Even though the single isn’t attached to a specified theme, Paklite’s knack for creating thought-provoking instrumentals with an emotional edge continues to shine through.

“Fly By” is Paklite’s 3rd release under the Stereofox label, and it also captures the essence of how he feels when he’s vibing in his studio – making this quite a special release for the producer.