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In The Deep” is inspired by many scuba diving trips and sitting deep on the ocean bed, exploring coral and finding beautiful colours. I wanted to create a laid back feeling with uplifting tones, something I feel when floating along a reef.

Still in lockdown, I decided to move away from Brighton and back towards the hustle & bustle of London. Moonlit Waves was written on my last night by the beach, watching the moon reflect of the waves was mesmerising. Hooking up with my good friend melloe on the way home for a few drinks led to us writing Fluid & Fuzzy, and having a lovely hangover the next day!”

Ol Wallace


Release Schedule: Jun 24th, 2021
Genres: Lofi

We’re excited to continue Ol Wallace’s story and be part of his sonic journey – evidence of the smoothness and fit of our mutual work together. Moonlit Waves serves as a gateway between 2 major episodes in Tom’s life – the bold and adventurous change he embraces by moving from Brighton to London during the pandemic times. The 5-track collection goes beyond the chase of zen jazzy sound. It is a personal confession and a way to commemorate memories, friends and experiences.


Ol Wallace

A mysterious lofi radio entity.

  • Featured on Spotify's Feel Good Beats, Chillhop and Chill Instrumental Beats editorials

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