The idea of “En Passant” started in my fathers workshop where I had stored my Fender Rhodes whilst living in Italy for a year. Excited to reunite with the piano I instantly started to work on new ideas and especially one I could send to Flitz&Suppe to follow up on our 2023 release with Stereofox. When having a basic idea ready I sent it over to Flitz&Suppe to do what he does better than most – add feeling and emotion. And he sure did.

Oh, My.

First release of 2023 was a feature with oh,my , so it’s only a good omen to start the next year again with this collaboration. He sent me a basic layout which instantly got me hooked. The track was done in no time, therefore the title “En Passant”.



Release Schedule: Jan 16, 2024
Genres: Beats, Jazz

German chillhop maestro Flitz&Suppe and Swedish artist Oh, My. got back together, following the success of their 2023 release, “The Day We Changed.”

The dynamic duo reunites on Stereofox to unveil their latest masterpiece, “En Passant.” True to its name, the track effortlessly blends Oh, My.’s sunny Rhodes, soothing brass, and Flitz&Suppe’s outstanding drum groove, creating a bright and warm sonic journey that sets the perfect tone for the start of 2024.

Dive into the harmonious soundscape and let “En Passant” be your companion for a year filled with positivity and musical delight.



Oh, my., a Swedish-born musician hailing from the depths of the forest, discovered his creative talents at a young age. While not solely dedicated to music, his passion extends to photography and writing, drawing inspiration from diverse sources to authentically express his art. With a primary emphasis on crafting textured atmospheres, his lofi beats aim to capture emotions, prioritizing feeling over all else.

  • Featured on 50 Spotify editorials (lofi beats, lofi+chill, Smooth Jazz Beats)
  • Added to Apple’s BEATstrumentals
  • 6M+ streams across DSPs
  • Collaborations with Flitz&Suppe, Monma, TESK


Flitz&Suppe is a chillhop/lofi producer from Cologne, Germany. He started crafting chill & soothing beats in his bedroom in 2010 – the dawn of the genre.

  • 10+ years of experience in music
  • 180M+ streams / 500K monthly listeners / 23K followers on Spotify
  • 100+ editorials on Spotify – including lofi beats, Jazz Vibes & lush lofi
  • Featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, Creative Focus, LoFi Jazz & more
  • Supported by 800K independent playlists
  • Collaborations with B-Side, Tesk, Leavv, Kupla, Psalm Trees, Mr. Käfer & more

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