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“My EP ‘Lost In Translation’ is a collection of tracks that I made with a few artist friends over the last couple of months. Most of the compositions were the first tracks I ever made with these artists and it led to the friendships that I am so grateful for.”

Odd Panda


Release Schedule: Feb 27th, 2022
Genres: Lofi

The theme of his new project called “Lost in Translation” is based on dreamy space vibes – the feeling of floating through outer space while admiring the beauty of the universe. The title refers to being lost in space and thoughts. Being caught in the state of an observer, as well as the communication between Nico and his collaborators. Lost in translation usually describes the loss of the meaning behind words when being translated to a different language. Although in this case, Nico (Odd Panda) sees it as being lost in space.

Lost in the connection and creation of sound with his collaborators who all speak different languages and come from different places all around the globe such as Finland, India, Peru, Netherlands, and Denmark. Similar to being lost together in the process of collaborating on music while translating their emotions through music and words during the creation of each and every track.


Odd Panda

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