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“My EP ‘Lost In Translation’ is a collection of tracks that I made with a few artist friends over the last couple of months. Most of the compositions were the first tracks I ever made with these artists and it led to the friendships that I am so grateful for.”

Odd Panda


Odd Panda

Odd Panda – Lost In Translation EP

Release Date : February 27, 2022

[ Release Schedule ] ::
» Feb 8th – “Twist” ft. Arya + announce upcoming EP
» Feb 27th – “Lost in Translation” EP Release

[ Marketing Highlights ] ::
» 83 785 Monthly Listeners on Spotify
» Over 3M Streams across leading DSPs
» Founder of Lofinity Records
» Collaborators featured on: Lo-Fi Cool Down (Spotify), lofi beats (Spotify), Good Vibes (Spotify), Pop Rising (Spotify), young & free (Spotify), Pop Sauce (Spotify), Out Now (Spotify), The Pop List (Spotify), DOPAMINE (Spotify), Got Popped (Spotify), Sleep (Spotify), Deep Sleep (Spotify), Night Rain (Spotify), Lush Lofi (Spotify), Stress Relief (Spotify), Sleep Tight (Spotify), Rain Sounds (Spotify), Lofi Hip-Hop (Spotify)

Info ::
The new EP by Odd Panda, released by Stereofox is a musical journey about friendships, collaborations, and the ability to translate emotions through music and word during the creation of each and every track.

Behind the concept ::
The theme of his new project called “Lost in Translation” is based on dreamy space vibes – the feeling of floating through outer space while admiring the beauty of the universe. The title refers to being lost in space and thoughts. Being caught in the state of an observer, as well as the communication between Nico and his collaborators. Lost in translation usually describes the loss of the meaning behind words when being translated to a different language. Although in this case, Nico (Odd Panda) sees it as being lost in space.

Lost in the connection and creation of sound with his collaborators who all speak different languages and come from different places all around the globe such as Finland, India, Peru, Netherlands, and Denmark. Similar to being lost together in the process of collaborating in music while translating their emotions through music and word during the creation of each and every track.

The 5 International music producers in this EP are well-known in the lo-fi, electronic, beat community – Kaspa. (997K listeners, 10M streams), Early Garden (550K listeners, 2M streams), Natasha Ghosh (412K listeners, 2M streams), Gerardo Millan (229K listeners, 4M streams), Arya (26K listeners, 326K streams on Spotify).

About Odd Panda ::
Enter the peaceful world of Odd Panda, a German music producer who is sharing his tunes with the world to make people calm down and find themselves in a state of relaxation and pleasure in this busy and stressed-out world.

His lo-fi beats combine warm and soothing sounds with laid-back drums to create something easy to listen to. Whenever you feel like taking some time off for yourself or you’re just looking for something to listen to while relaxing, studying, working, or doing some housework, this is a perfectly fitting musical background.

Different subgenres of Hip Hop are his main musical influences but it would be hard to tell which genre didn’t have an impact on him despite all varieties of Metal, Pop, or Country music. What’s most important to him is the artistic side of music. Music to him means living in the moment, breathing deep, and sharing your most intimate and profound self through the channel of sound with the world. This leads to uplifting, good vibes melodies with drum-focused beats that keep you engaged.