I am quite an extroverted person and spend a lot of time with friends and others but I still find it really important to have some time alone to gather my thoughts and Time Away is that; a calm, more introspective Nogymx.


NOGYMX – Time Away EP

Artist : Nogymx

Release Schedule
» “Swimming Under Stars”
» “Night Passage” w/ Just Steezy Things
» Time Away EP

Key achievements
» featured on Lofi Beats, Jazz Vibes, Mellow Beats, The Lofi Garden, Road Trip to Tokyo, and Midnight Chill editorial playlists on Spotify
» featured on more than 86.5k independent playlists on Spotify, including The Jazz Hop Café, the bootleg boy, Dreamy, Hip Dozer & more

Nogymx, or Jimmy, is Ireland-born, South Korea-based producer drawn to the Asian sounds & traditional instruments, and the way they blend with chillhop. Koto, Erhu, guitars, piano, and shakers are often the backbone of his music.

His latest offering, and the 3rd release with Stereofox Records, is the 5-piece Time Away EP. It was crafted as a soundtrack for your moments of seclusion – which even the most social and extrovert people need in order to recharge.

The two singles “Swimming Under Stars” and “Night Passage” (featuring Boston-based producer Just Steezy Things) show two different sides of the project – pulsating synths, dreamy guitars, and ethereal keys vs. soothing piano and heartwarming Erhu, with a touch of melancholy.

The full project also includes English producer Banks (on the brighter “Wayward Thoughts”), as well as the more cinematic, piano-driven “Doubtless” and the Nogymx-signature opening track “Glimmers”.