“Myself and Alex (Socrab) “met” through Instagram and decided to do a collab. Alex graced me with the bones of the track with his beautiful guitar playing. I felt myself getting lost in the dreamy melodies and so I continued to build upon the atmosphere Socrab had created with that same idea in mind until it became “Lucid Daydreams”. I really loved how our styles, although different, came together to create a really unique piece.”


NOGYMX & Socrab – Lucid Daydream

Release Date : October 8, 2020
Artists : Nogymx, Socrab

Like two friends playing music together, “Lucid Daydreams” exudes an impeccable instrumental flow. A clear dialogue of inspiration between two producers from across the globe inspires in the single, where an organic-electronic selection of serene beats illuminates the finer moments of life.

Feelings of joy emit from beautiful rays of guitar layering in a ritual of relaxation. Touches of organic percussion give “Lucid Daydream” the chillhop feel with a unique touch from the tag-team effort of the producers/instrumentalists. Take a moment to soak in this sonic golden hour.