I live in a city, a concrete jungle, with nature taking a backseat in favour of the convenient but hectic city life. I was sitting in my apartment with the wind blowing through my window and I began to imagine floating down a river at the turn of Spring. These thoughts then became “Drifting”. The calm movement of the track mimics the flowing river.

“Mellow Springs” followed soon after to help better paint the image of spring and the beginning of the journey. My friend sat with me and created the beautifully minimal guitar riff upon which the whole song was built.


NOGYMX – Drifting EP

Release Date : April 28, 2020
Artist : Nogymx

Atmospheric chillhop seems like a great way to embrace spring.

Irish born, South Korea based producer NOGYMX effortlessly blends keys, mellow beats, and shakers with floating water soundscapes to accompany those warm sunsets we’re blessed with.

“Drifting” & “Mellow Springs”, put together in a 2-track EP, convey the cosiness and tranquillity of nature we all need sometimes.