One of the benefits social media allows us is to link up with artists all over the world and that is exactly how myself and Dennis joined up for “City Sleeps”. The track tries to envision the listener cruising around aimlessly in a city at night, with the soft melodies and bouncy drums depicting the juxtaposition between the bustling city outside and the calmness inside.






[ Key Achievements ]

  • 69M+ streams combined on Spotify
  • Nogymx’s “Swimming Under Stars” (Stereofox Records) was selected #9 of Chillest 100 for 2021 by SBS Australia
  • radio rotation on SBS Chill Australia
  • featured on 65+ Spotify editorials altogether including lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, Mellow Beats, Workday Lounge & many more.
  • Nogymx’s Time Away EP (Stereofox Records) amassed 600K+ on Spotify without editorials & was supported on Apple Music’s Always Sunday & TIDAL’s Mix da Samana
  • Nogymx’s collab with Elijah Nang got supported on Spotify’s lofi + chill & Chill Beats and on Deezer’s snooze lofi
  • featured on 200K+ independent playlists combined, including curators like The Jazz Hop Cafe, Retro Jungle, LifeAt & more

Nogymx & Dennisivnvc – City Sleeps

Release Date : December 12, 2022
Artist : Nogymx

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
j’san, Psalm Trees, Leavv

[ Artists Bio ]
Nogymx, or Jimmy, is Ireland-born, South Korea-based producer drawn to the Asian sounds & traditional instruments, and the way they blend with chillhop. Koto, Erhu, guitars, piano, and shakers are often the backbone of his music.

Dennisivnvc is a German beatmaker & guitarist, based in Bielefeld. He’s been playing the guitar since he was a child but started writing his own music in 2020.

[ Release Info ]
Your next late-night city cruising soundtrack.

With 69M+ streams & 65+ editorials on Spotify alone, plus support by Apple, Deezer, TIDAL, SBS Chill Radio (Australia), Ireland-born, South Korea-based producer Nogymx & German guitarist dennisivnvc bring their first-ever collaboration.

“City Sleeps” embodies the calmness that you experience while driving around in a city at night. The mellow keys & guitars as opposed to the playful drum grooves depict the juxtaposition of the busy city and the tranquility inside.