“All tracks reflect my current feeling about life which can be titled under the project’s and track’s given name “lost on my adventure”.

There are tracks with a dreamy, childish and carefree vibe such as “forget about it”, yet most tracks carry heavy melancholic vibes sharing the feelings I have on my way of this adventure called life. I recorded lots of nature-based samples to represent my connection to nature with a field recorder and also used it for some guitars to be able to record the exact moment. For example the main guitar in “orca” has been recorded in an old hippie bus while I was on a hiking trip with a dear friend and the guitar for “coming home” I recorded while sitting on a beach.

All in all the style of recording and the way I inserted my emotions into the tracks make this project the most personal to me so far.”


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Ningen – lost on my adventure

Release Date : February 17, 2022

[ Release Schedule ]
» Jan 18th – “mesmerized”
» Feb 1st – “coming home”
» Feb 15th – lost on my adventure full album

[ Key achievements ]
» featured on more than 25k independent playlists
» previous features on Focus Flow and Kopfkino (Spotify) and
» featured on santpoort’s album “ocean tales”
» Support by independent curators like College Music, Chillhop Music, The Jazzhop Cafe, Hip Dozer, and Dreamy (YouTube, 400k subscribers), NEOTIC (800k subscribers)

[ Info ]

Ningen is a German-based composer and producer. He started his Stereofox journey last year with his 8-track album L I F E which received an extremely positive feedback from the community and topped more than 400k plays across all DSPs.

While rooted in the chillhop, lofi and jazzhop sonic space, lost on my adventure is Brian’s path to self-discovery and exploration. This release spins beat music and bedroom pop into a new psychedelic world filled with complex emotional horizons. The idea is to free yourself from the limit of the genre and to be bold by exploring his vocal abilities, especially with the album title track.

Using guitar and keys as foundations together with layers of rich, often nature-based samples, add texture and build an elegant, creative sound. A particular focus has been set on sound design with the general aim to create a unique beatmaking-style.