Some big concept behind this project became the idea of Yin & Yang with the album’s name giving track “L I F E” laying in the center, more positive and energetic sounding tracks above (Yang) and melancholic, chilled tracks down under (Yin). Both parts are essential and wouldn’t work without each other and so create the base for what I felt behind the big word “life”.


Ningen – L I F E

Release Date : December 18, 2020
Artists : Ningen, Ningen

Getting a start in the jazzhop and lofi hip hop scene, German producer Ningen takes it further in his album L I F E.

The young breakout artist hones his craft as a multi-instrumentalist gaining respect by prominent tastemakers in the scene, like College Music and Chill Select. But while he’s built a name on assembling euphoric soundscapes, the nearly life-long multi-instrumentalist ups his abilities in L I F E.

In his capturing of the real-world, Ningen bends samples recorded from his environment into a beautiful fusion of instrumental hip hop. This form of music shines bright the ephemeral moments in tracks like “Nature” and title track “L I F E” as we get a film score to the delicate details of living. Throughout this album, Ningen puts contrast on display through captivating melodies, sharp musicianship, and crisp production that support his unforgettable sound.

Have a listen from start to finish for an experience that links the inner world with the outer.