“The initial idea behind Sonder was to refine my sound and envision the evolution of my musical journey. I started with piano, strings, and flûte. I then delved into electronics and modular synthesizers, creating sounds to infuse the bridge with unconventional energy.

I was inspired by the idea of talking to my younger self. Understanding where you come from is crucial to charting where you need to go. I aimed to create a sense of nostalgia and showcase the innocence we had when we were kids. I recall a question haunting me as a child: “Do others feel or think the same as I do?”

Neptune Orizon


Release Schedule: Feb 15th - "Sonder"
Genres: Electronic

Neptune Orizon blurs the lines between classical, electronic, and downtempo on his introspective new release “Sonder”.

As an artist, Neptune Orizon wears various hats, showcasing his talents in composing, and producing, and his proficiency as a multi-instrumentalist. His distinct brand of downtempo feels cinematic and is a pathway into contemplative moments for his audience. This has garnered the attention of French radios like Radio Raje and Fip, and prominent blogs such as This Song Is Sick.

With his newest track the French artist gets deep and personal as thematically, “Sonder” revolves around knowledge of self. The emotive strings paired with the pianos are complemented by glossy synths, thus creating a fascinating mixture of organic and electronic elements. The journey-like allure of “Sonder” along with its thematic significance is bound to acquaint us with deep-seated feelings of nostalgia.


Neptune Orizon

French composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Neptune Orizon, known as Florian Martinez, crafts immersive worlds by blending natural sounds, classical instruments, and a wide variety of organic textures.

  • Airplay on French radios like Radio Raje and Fip
  • Featured on blogs such as This Song is Sick, Podcart, Glasse Factory, and Radio France

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