These tracks were the result of a very productive time in summer where I was drawn into many different styles of chillhop. This EP expresses the many different ways in which I personally perceive the style of chillhop/jazzhop.




[ Key Achievements ]

  • Over 6.5M streams across all DSP
  • Over 2M listeners on Spotify
  • Added to numerous Spotify editorials such as Focus Flow, Jazz Vibes, Lofi Beats, Mellow Beats & BEATstrumentals on Apple Music.
  • Has been added to over 21K playlists on independent curators, such as: College Music, Hip Dozer, Cookin Soul, The Jazz Hop Café, Delicieuse Musique and many more.

mvnitou – Plea EP

Release Date : December 13, 2022

[ Schedule ]
November 16th – “Glance”
December 1st – “Stone Eyes”
December 13th – Plea EP

[ Genres ]
instrumental hip-hop, jazzhop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Oatmello, Cookin Soul, Gnarly, Metic

[ Artist Bio ]

Rising from the Austrian chillhop scene Maximilian Klackl a.k.a mvnitou started his producer’s path almost a decade ago. His journey begins with EDM-oriented music but then he falls in love with hip-hop bounces and finds himself wanting to try some of these on his own. One of his inspirations is his father, who got him into his studio and showed him the world of music. So, mvnitou got interested immediately and now his main drive for him is to create better and better tunes for his portfolio.

He likes his shifting drums and jazzy tones to be tangled with the sound of nature, so his musical storm can hop into anybody’s playlist. He wants to connect with the rain, the sunshine, and everything in between, and you can feel his grooves inside and out.

[ Release Info ]

His music is floating with over 6M streams and is found on Spotify editorials (Jazz Vibes, Focus Flow) and independent playlists from curators like College Music & Hip Dozer, and now mvnitou aligns with the Stereofox frequency for his new EP Plea.

It explores some new horizons that are extending to the point of how mvnitou perceives chillhop and jazzhop as genres while affecting his being. There are many different approaches explored here and all of them are perfect for some head nodding in the rhythm of nostalgic guitars, laid-back beats, and deep bass lines. At the same time some of the pure jazzy movements are melting perfectly into one another. Part of the songs such as “Ensemble” and “Glance” make the listener sip some lime tea while watching the cloudy sky through the window. Others like “Stone Eyes” and “Think About It” just make you sway with a concentration on something nonexistent and better.

The whole EP is a result is a very productive summer where mvnitou was taking breaths by being drawn into many different styles of chillhop.