“This track was made with Mondo Loops over Discord. This year has gone by so fast, and so we wanted to capture the melancholic feeling of fleeting moments and time passing. Mondo had sent me the main guitar, to which I added drums, percussion, keys and more. We passed the stems back and forth before it was finished. I think the track has a lot of emotion, and I love how soft it is!”


“The goal for this track was really to record the soft dreamy guitar tones that I love playing, and give them a more bright upbeat feel. Layering bright keys with the upbeat drum groove and the soft guitar ended up working so perfectly and melting together.”

Mondo Loops

Mondo Loops

Mondo Loops



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Mondo Loops x bashful – Time Passed By

Release Date : December 9, 2022

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Cloudchord, Kurt Stewart, imagiro

[ Artist Bio ]
Mondo Loops, an established North West England producer, is renowned for his gorgeous guitar melodies and unique approach towards lofi. What started off just as a YouTube channel for guitar tutorials, evolved into a full-time job as a music producer who’s worked on projects for MTV & Universal Music. Drawing inspiration from nature and the golden era of hip hop, jazz and neo-soul, his music stands out with impeccable warmth and peculiar sound design and has won the hearts of over 300M+ listeners on Spotify.

bashful is a producer that dwells in the ambient-driven lofi space. His goal is to simply ease the day of the listener. No stress, no constrains… nothing, but spacious sounds.

[ Release Info ]
The first collaboration between the English chillhop guru Mondo Loops and the dreamy bashful comes out of the Stereofox release pocked and it’s named “Time Passed By”.

Mondo Loops comes for his 2nd Stereofox release, after the highly-acclaimed cinematic Late Night Tapes EP. He’s also amassed millions of streams across DSPs and projects that landed on MTV and Universal. His inspiration comes from nature, and the golden jazz era, as for bashful the ambient lofi space is where he moves into.

They joined forces on Discord to capture the melancholy behind the ticking time and fleeting moments in a single melody. It all started with a soft guitar theme sent by Mondo. Then bashful grabbed it, and together they laid the soothing drums, the elegant keys, and more elements that flowed together in perfect harmony. A piece created for us to stop for a second and appreciate what we have right now as we remember the times that are not coming back.