“This project seeks to take a darker and more cinematic approach to lofi hip hop. It blends the imperfections and character of old pianos, guitar and foley sounds together in a cohesive project. This EP really starts to capture a change in direction for my sound into the more cinematic realm and I’m excited to share it with my listeners. ”

Mondo Loops

Mondo Loops

Mondo Loops

[ Key Achievements ]

  • worked on projects for MTV & Universal
  • 250M streams on Spotify
  • 10+ Spotify editorials, including lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, The Lofi Garden, dazed & more
  • featured on Apple Music’s Creative Focus, Bedtime Beats & more
  • featured on 400k independent playlists on Spotify, including College Music, Fantastic Music, Dreamy, Sleep Tales, Soave, etc.
  • 23.3k subscribers on his YouTube channel for tutorials

Mondo Loops – Late Night Tapes EP

Release Date : April 14, 2022

[ Schedule ]
April 1st – “Nocturnal Dreams” (ft. Kanisan)
April 14th – Late Night Tapes EP

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Kurt Stewart, imagiro, RINZ., Idealism, Philanthrope

[ Artist Bio ]
Mondo Loops, an established North West England producer, is renowned for his gorgeous guitar melodies and unique approach towards lofi. What started off just as a YouTube channel for guitar tutorials, evolved into a full-time job as a music producer who’s worked on projects for MTV & Universal Music. Drawing inspiration from nature and the golden era of hip hop, jazz and neo-soul, his music stands out with impeccable warmth and peculiar sound design and has won the hearts of over 250M listeners on Spotify.

[ Release Info ]
Known for his stunning guitar grooves and captivating beatwork, Mondo Loops is back with a surprising take on lofi beats.

Late Night EP marks a new sonic era for the English producer, taking a more cinematic & slightly darker turn. The 4-track project is rich in foley sounds, vintage piano, heart-melting guitars, and dusty beats – all of which tell stories of late nights in spring.

The single “Nocturnal Dreams”, featuring another talent Kanisan, drips in melancholy & warmth, infused with the sounds of rain & birds. The opening track “The Old Tree House” with established Danish producer Axian evokes nostalgia via children’s laughter and beautifully arranged guitars, and “Swept Away” will provide a much-needed sometimes outlet for those moments of woe. The closing track “On It Goes” feels like the perfect ending of a spring fairytale, with its dreamy guitars and gentle beatwork.