“Recenter” is the first collaboration between me & Houis. We met at a show late 2022 and bonded over our love for production and beatmaking – then recorded “Recenter” a year later. The resulting sound is a seamless mesh between Houis’ signature drum and lush synth work, as well as my touch on the guitar and bass. “Recenter” is an introspective winter groove perfect for a quick mindful reset we all need from time to time.


At the end of 2023 Jonny invited me over to his home studio in Brooklyn to record “Recenter”‘, got some tacos from downstairs, and basically knocked out most of the track in one night. I feel like Jonny has such a unique sound, especially through his guitar playing. He incorporates so many satisfying textures through his pedal board/effects, so adding my own elements to accompany the foundation he built was a lot of fun.



Release Schedule: Feb 12, 2024
Genres: Beats, Lofi, Jazz

Stereofox is delighted to welcome back the long-time collaborator Metic & an artist we’ve been fans of for a long time – Houis.

The Brooklyn-based guitarist & producer got together for their debut collaboration at the end of 2023 and the result will put your mind at ease. The properly-titled gem “Recenter” serves as just the right start to the new year with its slightly melancholic but hopeful vibe. The synergy between Houis’ distinctive drumming and lush synth work, seamlessly interwoven with Metic’s masterful touch on the guitar and bass, created an extraordinary, yet oddly familiar sound.

“Recenter” is not just a musical experience; it’s an introspective winter gem designed to offer a moment of mindful reset for all listeners.



Metic fuses soulful guitar grooves with laid-back hip-hop beats. While his playing is rooted in blues and fingerstyle guitar, his productions are informed by 90s boombap, G-funk, and trip-hop. A frequent collaborator and a nomadic soul, the Brooklyn-based Hong Kong native continues to draw inspiration from both cities.

  • Organized Lofi Festival (NY) and a number of live shows in both New York and Hong Kong
  • Featured on Apple Music's Creative Focus, Pure Chill, and Lo-Fi Jazz selections
  • Featured on 10+ Spotify editorials including lofi beats, Focus Flow, Shimmer, and lofi cafe
  • Collaborations with Axian, fnonose, Noé Mina, DYVN, Alberto Droguett & more
  • Past features on Thissongissick, Indie Shuffle and #1 on Hype Machine


Houis (pronounced "weece") is a French-American producer currently based in New York City. Drawing inspiration from a range of artists - from Bonobo to Tom Misch, he has reached a distinctive sound that organically incorporates elements of r&b, soul, lofi, all the way to contemporary indie & house.

  • Featured on Apple's BEATstrumentals, The Lounge, Lo-Fi Chill, Pure Focus, Today's Chill, ALT-R&B & more
  • Featured on Spotify's lofi beats, Vinyasa Flow, Quiet Hours, Music for Plants
  • Worked with artists like Alexa Harley, De Rien, Indigo Eyes, Blush'ko, JVLY, edbl, Idealism
  • Often performs live (including at the NYC Lofi Festival)
  • Airplay on BBC, KCRW & more

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