“Threads of Oblivion” is about the force of nature, or call it reality, to make things evolve and move on — I imagined this force being oblivion, with its threads wrapping itself around things ready to be forgotten but reborn in new ways, perhaps reaching the state of being ‘immortal’. A physical human-derived example could be Coltrane’s albums, art in all of its forms. And beyond, perhaps the creation of a star from nothingness or its end as a new beginning after a supernova. These are the threads of oblivion, the arms of an invisible mother, so to speak!”

Alberto Droguett

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Alberto Droguett

[ Key Achievements ]

  • Over 15M Streams on all major DSPs combined
  • Alberto Droguett is featured on lofi beats, Mellow Beats, All New Jazz (Spotify), BedtimeBeats (Apple Music)
  • Metic is featured on Spotify’s lofi beats, Focus Flow, Lo-Fi Cafe, Shimmer, Homework Beats & more, on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals & on TIDAL’s Mix da Samana
  • Supported by over 47K independent playlists, including curators like Inner Ocean Records, Hip Dozer, The Jazz Hop Cafe, PLYGRND, Retro Jungle, TheBootlegBoy, SteezyasFuck, Chill Select, Effortless Audio, and many more.
  • Both artists’ previous Stereofox releases amassed huge support from both editorial and independent curators (Alberto’s Quantum/Quarks, Metic’s “Hong Kong Minute” and Soul Feather).

Metic & Alberto Droguett – Threads of Oblivion

Release Date : May 26, 2022
Artist : Metic

[ Genres ]
jazzhop, chillhop, lofi beats

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[ Artist Bio ]
Metic fuses soulful guitar grooves with laid-back hip-hop beats. While his playing is rooted in blues and fingerstyle guitar, his productions are informed by 90s boombap, G-funk and trip-hop. A frequent collaborator and a nomadic soul at heart, the New York-based Hong Kong native continues to draw inspiration from both cities. The feelings and thoughts behind this move across the world are captured musically through lush guitar sounds and urban ambiance samples – present in both previous Stereofox releases – Soul Feather & “Hong Kong Minute”. He’s been supported by numerous curators – both editorial (lofi beats, BEATstrumentals, etc.) and independent (Hip Dozer, The Jazzhop Cafe & more).

Born and raised in Chile, the relatively young musician Alberto Droguett is trying his best in what it means to become a well-established producer in the beat, jazz and lofi scene. He found solace in meddling with knobs of various kinds, learning about compression and sidechains at an early age. After having found great resonance while listening to some of his inspirations, like Dilla and Nujabes’ music and after having found Axian’s YT channel full of artists such as j^p^n, nymano, and the likes, he immediately fell in love with a genre bigger in meaning than he ever thought. A lifeline of sorts. He dreamt of and knew that music had become his life and likewise for his people involved – his friends, which became a family to him. Supported on Spotify’s lofi beats, All New Jazz & Mellow Beats and on Apple Music’s Bedtime Beats.

[ Release Info ]
A collaboration you didn’t know you needed.

Alberto’s smooth jazz touch (which won the hearts of the lofi beats editorial audience) meets Metic’s groovy production and slick guitars – present in his “Hong Kong Minute” (found in Lo-Fi Cafe, Focus Flow, Homework Beats) and “Finding Home” (amassed 250k from independent support & Shimmer).

“Threads of Oblivion” pays homage to nature’s unique ability to make things evolve & transcend – like a star being born out of nothing and ending in a supernova. Lush brass, soulful samples, boom-bap drum groove, and warm guitars all intertwining in a captivating jazzhop piece. What more can we ask for?